With an operating budget of just under $314,000*, the Village of Big Rock provides local governance for building, zoning, land use planning, storm drainage, and services including street maintenance to its residents. The Village maintains its sole administrative offices at 7 S 405 Madison Street and employs one full time and one part time staff member. The Village Board meets at the Community Park Building (7 S 405 Madison Street)the 2nd & 4th Tuesday, the Planning & Zoning Commission meets at the Fire District Meeting Room (6 S 239 Jefferson Avenue)the 2nd Monday, and the Drainage Committee meets at the Town Hall (408 Rhodes Road) the 1st & 3rd Tuesday.

(* combined general and motor fuel tax revenue for FY 2009)

Village Organizational Chart

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To request information under the Freedom of Information Act, submit a written request to the FOIA officer at the address listed below:

Lindsey Zambrano, FOIA Officer

The Village of Big Rock

Attn: FOIA Officer

P.O. Box 128

Big Rock, IL 60511

Alternate, click here to email a request.